Through painting, I explore and acknowledge the chaos and sufferings life in this world brings, while choosing to express the beauty, growth, stillness, and light that can always be found. Reflecting on this truth during the process of creating, I weave together abundant boldness, rawness, and shifting of color with distinct moments of pause that stand as declarations of rest and grace in the midst of it all. 

With the building of layers through broad strokes, sharp fragmentations, and soft transitions; the paintings move, breathe, and rest all at once. The abstract compositions acknowledge our hardships in this world but proclaim the source of our hope outside of this world through the contrast of darkness with light and movement with pause. The abstraction brings a sense of wonder and freedom, and through this abstraction I find purpose.

It is my hope that when viewing my work, someone may experience their own moment of pause, reminding them that they, too, are free to rest in truth and light, even when it does not make sense according to their circumstances. With paintings endlessly inspired by seeking beauty and purpose in everyday life, choosing joy amidst sufferings, and holding onto grace through it all; my work aims to magnify the notion that the battle against darkness is already overcome – we are free to seek light.